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Charlie the Plumber has been a leader in Gold Coast plumbing services since 1978, specialising in everything from minor residential repairs to major commercial plumbing services. Our team is skilled in detecting and repairing water leaks, managing blocked drains, and conducting thorough plumbing inspections for any property type. Trust us for reliable service and expert solutions tailored to your plumbing needs.

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How to clean a smelly drain

How to clean a smelly drain?

How to Clean a Smelly Drain Dealing with a smelly drain in your home can be an unpleasant and frustrating experience. Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, foul

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Common Questions

The first thing to do is stop using water – depending on the severity of the blockage, the waste water may subside or at least stop overflowing from the waste pipe/toilet/basin/shower/sink ect. Call our office and request a plumber so we can dispatch a highly trained blockage specialist to attend at a time that suits you.

Removing a blockage could be as simple as a plunge of the toilet/basin/sink/floor waste drain by one of our plumbers or the main sewer drain may be blocked which may require use of high pressure drain cleaning equipment – jet blasters or electric eel machines to clear your drain quickly and efficiently.

If we cannot eliminate the blockage with a plunge we can utilise our high pressure drain cleaning equipment to remove the most stubborn of blockages (we even have other plumbing companies contact us to clear blockages they cannot clear).

However, there are certain times when the blockage is so severe that the only option is to excavate and replace the pipe. We can confirm this by the use of our CCTV drain cameras – which we can use to locate the blockage from above ground so we know exactly where to excavate and how deep the pipe is.

Our plumbers are amongst the most experienced on the Gold Coast and Logan in this type of work and are capable of getting your blocked drains clear or repaired quickly and efficiently. We understand how inconvenient it is when you have a blocked drain.

Yes, definitely!

Stormwater blockages can catch you by surprise and at Charlie the Plumber, we believe they can be worse than a sewer blockage.

With a sewer blockage in your house, all you need to do is stop putting water down the drain and the blocked drain should stop overflowing…..with a stormwater blockage, you can’t stop rain from falling so a blocked stormwater drain will continue to back up and possibly flood your house until the rain stops and the surrounding ground waters dry up.

We have seen the unfortunate results of blocked stormwater drains on the Gold Coast and Logan many times over the years.

Be smart and have your stormwater drainage checked with our high tech CCTV drainage equipment to ensure your stormwater drains are running clear with no breaks (tree roots) or obstructions (squashed pipework/tennis balls/toads) in your stormwater drainage.

Charlie the Plumber can provide a full report on the condition of your drainage along with footage of any damage on a USB stick. Damaged pipework can be located with electronic locating equipment pinpointing the location and depth of any issues that we detect.

Beat the storm season and have your stormwater drainage checked by the #1 plumbing company servicing the Gold Coast and Logan – Charlie the Plumber!

Our roof plumbers can access your roof and inspect your gutters, valley’s and downpipes. It is common for leaves, debris and vermin to nest in your gutters and downpipes which can cause roof leaks and flooding during storms. We have some of the best roof plumbers around who can clean your gutters and roof without any issues. While they are on the roof they can carry out a roof inspection and notify you of any areas that may become an issue or fix any problems located on the spot if approved by you. Photographic evidence of issues located and repairs carried out can be provided. For any downpipe, gutter, roof repairs or roof leaks call our office to book a trained roof plumber.

CRACKED and broken pipes, tree root infested drains, or drains that are continually blocking can all be repaired without the need for destructive digging.

Pipe Relining is the process of installing a one piece liner within the existing pipe. This liner is made up of a one piece woven sock impregnated with a 2 part resin. This is then cured inside the old pipe forming a new pipe within the old.

This new pipe is alone structurally stronger than PVC pipe and bonds to the original pipe work by extruding resin into all the pipe joints, cracks or breaks.

If your house is supplied by town water you will have a water meter and control valve in a water meter box at the front of your with a green plastic lid or a rust couloured metal lid (frequently near the left or right hand boundary). Remove the lid of the water meter box and inside you will notice a water meter (dial with a counter on it) and a control valve. The control valve will either look like a garden style tap handle or a lever. Turn the handle/lever clockwise until closed and your water supply will be off.

There are a few things you can do to check for a water leak before calling a plumber – keeping your hard earned money in you back pocket!

Locate your water meter – if your house is supplied by town water you will have a water meter and control valve in a water meter box at the front of your house with a green plastic lid or a rust coloured metal lid (frequently near the left or right hand boundary). Remove the lid of the water meter box and inside you will notice a water meter (dial with a counter on it) and a control valve.

Make sure there are no taps, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers being used in the house. Take a photo of the water meter dial so you can clearly see the numbers/dials. Wait for 20 minutes (making sure no water is used in the house) before taking another photo of the water meter dial. If there is any difference – you may have a water leak.
If you think you have a water leak – double check your taps and toilets are not leaking. Taps require a simple visual check. To check if your toilet is leaking, make sure it has not been flushed for the last 10 minutes. With 2 or 3 squares of toilet paper, touch the back wall of the toilet bowl. If the toilet paper immediately gets wet – water is leaking from the cistern into the bowl of the toilet.

Yes we can! First we need to work out is this a plumbing issue or an electrical issue. There is no point us coming out and charging you to advise it is an electrical issue if we can work this out over the phone.

The first few questions we would have are – Do you mean the water coming out of the hot tap is cold or is there no water coming out at all?

No water at all is a plumbing issue – cold water coming from the hot tap could be either plumbing or electrical
Is water leaking out of the hot water unit or from the valve with a hook on the side of the hot water unit? Have you noticed brown or copper coloured water coming out of your taps?

If you answer yes to any of these questions it is likely a plumbing issue. If you are capable, release the pressure valve on the side of the hot water unit to discharge water (being careful not to discharge the water onto yourself or others) If the water is cold it is most likely an electrical problem. Thermostat and elements can be changed by plumbers or electricians – however it could also be another electrical issue which only an electrician would be able to test, locate and repair.

Reports of a flooded house/unit are becoming more frequent these days. Most taps, toilets, bidets, basins, washing machines, drinking water systems/filters have stainless steel flexible rubber pipe connectors.

It is a manufacturers recommendation that these connectors be replaced every 10 years.

Don’t be the next victim of a burst pipe inside your house when you’re asleep, at work or on holidays.

Call  Charlie the Plumber to any property located on the Gold Coast and Logan and schedule a preventative maintenance plumber to replace the stainless steel flexible connectors before it’s too late.

Are you looking to purchase a new property? Weather it is a brand new property or an existing property that you are looking to purchase you would almost certainly have a pest and building inspector provide a report on the condition of the property. Well why not have the plumbing inspected as well. Charlie the Plumber will pressure test water service pipework, checking for water leaks, inspect and test taps and toilets for leaks, use CCTV equipment to inspect sewer and stormwater drainage, access roof areas and provide a report on the roof and gutters. Make sure you know what you are buying before it is too late.

If safe to do so you should follow the procedure below before calling a professional gas plumber.

  • Turn the gas supply off at your gas meter or at the LPG cylinder
  • Shut down all gas and electrical appliances including any gas pilot lights
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation if it is safe to do so
  • Extinguish all naked flames and do not smoke

Once you have carried out these steps call Charlie the Plumber and we’ll get to you as soon as possible with our gas leak repair equipment and gas leak detection equipment.

The gas supply for LPG cylinders are usually isolated at the cylinder itself. Simply turn the gas knob on top of the cylinder clockwise and it will shut off the cylinder.

If your property has Natural gas supplied to it, there should be a gas meter accessible on your property. Adjacent to the gas meter, there will be a gas isolation valve. Simply turn it 90 degrees and it will isolate the gas supply to your property.

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