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CCTV Pipe Inspections & Reports

Charlie The Plumber can help you with CCTV pipe inspections and reports

To inspect and pin-point the exact location of a blocked drain or advise on the condition of your drains we use high-tech cameras designed for CCTV inspections of sewer and stormwater drains and various waste pipes.

How is this possible? First, our plumber will insert the CCTV camera into the drain so that we can see the condition of the drain in real time and identify any breaks, cracks, obstructions or blockages. We then use our locating equipment to pin-point the exact position and depth of the drain and any issues found.

We own and operate several different sizes of drain cameras that enable us inspect, record and report on the condition of waste pipes and drains. With the use of our CCTV equipment we are able to provide you with visual proof showing the condition, location, depth and cause of your blockage whether it be from a foreign object (toy/sanitary product), broken drain or tree roots.

Once a location and cause of the blockage/drain obstruction has been pin-pointed – our highly trained staff at Charlie the Plumber will be able to advise of the steps required to eliminate the issue permanently – should you require a minor repair, concrete cutting and excavation of existing drainage or a No Dig Pipe Repair (Pipe Re-lining) – we have you covered from the Gold Coast to Logan.

Depending on the location of the your blockage and with the use of our CCTV and high pressure drain cleaning equipment we are at times able to prove the blockage is in the council mains and therefore charges can be passed onto local councils which would eliminate charges to you.


For fast, friendly and expert help with CCTV pipe inspections and reports…

Don’t just call a plumber, call an experienced Gold Coast plumber,  or Logan Plumber with the latest in CCTV equipment.

We use the latest in CCTV pipe inspection equipment to pinpoint the precise location of ruptures, obstructions and blockages. If requested we can supply digital images, digital recordings and/or reports.

If you intend to carry out an extension or construction on your property you could be liable for costly repairs to any council pipes that may become damaged during construction. Before you begin construction work on your property check with your local council about whether you need a CCTV Inspection and report done. In some cases, you will also need a post construction work report done as well.

Call Charlie The Plumber between 7:30 and 4:00 Monday to Friday. We are also available after hours for blocked drain emergencies.

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