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Leaking Taps & Toilets

Need a Gold Coast and Logan plumber for leaking taps or toilets?

Water is a necessity in every home but when it’s leaking it can quickly go from a convenience to an inconvenience. If it’s not something you’re able to identify and fix yourself, call Charlie The Plumber and we’ll get out to you as promptly as possible to sort it out for you.


Leaking Taps

A dripping tap might look like a small and innocent problem but if left unrepaired for long periods, it can add up to a wastage of thousands of litres of water and turn a simple repair into a tap that needs to be replaced. A leaking or dripping tap will never just stop, it will continue to get worse.

You may think a tap repair is as simple as just replacing the tap washer but to find out the real reason the tap is leaking further investigations should be carried out. Without having the tap correctly inspected, you could end up having the tap leaking within a few weeks. Do yourself a favour and get a licensed plumber that can get the job done right the first time.


Leaking Toilets

Your toilet could be leaking continually and you may not even know. There are two main areas where your toilet could be leaking. The inlet valve allows water to fill your cistern after it is flushed. When the cistern fills a float rises and the water shuts off – or at least it is supposed too. Replacing internal parts in the inlet valve or replacing the valve completely may be required to eliminate the leak. Our plumbers carry various types of replacement parts and inlet valves on their trucks, so repairs to your cistern can be carried out with minimal fuss.

A faulty outlet valve is the other main cause of leaks in toilet cisterns. This working part inside the cistern can break down in various areas so it is important to get a plumber that knows their way around a cistern. A quick and simple way to check if you have a leaking toilet cistern is to get 3 squares of toilet paper folded together and place it against the back of the toilet. If the paper becomes wet – the cistern is leaking into the toilet. The next step is to determine if it is the inlet valve or the outlet valve or both that are causing the issue.

Should your toilet have issues flushing, leaking or filling, call Charlie the Plumber to inspect and repair toilet cisterns on the Gold Coast and Logan.

With the wide and varied amount of imported taps and toilets available in Australia sometimes we have to order in replacement parts. If your tap or toilet cannot be repaired on the spot we may be able to carry out temporary repairs until we get the parts in stock. The main thing is to stop the water from leaking, preventing water and money from being wasted.


Call a plumber with experience in leaking taps and toilets

Charlie the Plumber can service, repair or replace leaking taps and toilets on the Gold Coast and Logan without any fuss. Charlie the Plumber have been the preferred service agents for various high end German toilets and tapware manufacturers including but not limited to Grohe Tapware, Hansa Tapware, Hans Grohe Tapware, Villeroy and Boch, Argent Australia Products and Aqualogic to name a few.

If you are not in the market for the top of the range tapware, Charlie the Plumber has access to a large range of tapware from conventional taps with standard tap washers to mixer taps with 15 year warranties. Call Charlie the Plumber to your house on the Gold Coast or Logan for a tap/toilet repairs and receive a FREE Water Efficiency Audit of your property (request for free Audit must be made over the phone at time of booking to ensure test equipment is taken to site).

Call us today for leaking tap or leaking toilet repairs. We’ll send an expert plumber out to any building, home or industrial premise anywhere on the Gold Coast or Logan. We operate between 7:30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday and provide on-call emergency plumbing help outside of these regular hours.

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