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Backflow Prevention – Gold Coast and Logan

Charlie the Plumber can install, test and certify backflow prevention valves on the Gold Coast and Logan as well as surrounding areas. With years of experience in backflow testing and certification, along with spare parts carried with our backflow testing equipment we are able to test and repair (if required) any backflow valve. We offer a reliable service at competitive prices and will also issue a reminder that your valve(s) is due for re-certification.


What is backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention valves act as a barrier between water that could be contaminated and potable drinking water used in for everyday purposes in homes, hotels, office buildings, factories and any other water outlet used for drinking water. For example, if someone was to drop a hose into a sewer pit or a grease trap at the back of a restaurant, there is a chance that the contents of the waste in the sewer pit or grease trap being syphoned into the water service pipe work and contaminating the potable water that comes out of tapware in your kitchen, bathroom, garden tap etc. By testing and certifying that backflow prevention valves are in a compliant condition, contamination of drinking water is reduced or eliminated.


Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Tempering Valves – Gold Coast and Logan

It is a current Australian Standard requirement that all new heated water installations, at the outlet of all sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene deliver heated water not exceeding –

  • 45°C for early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools and nursing homes or similar facilities for young, aged, sick or people with disabilities.
  • 50°C in all other buildings

If preferred kitchen sinks and laundry tubs can be set at 60°C.


Did you know?

Every day more than three children under the age of five years old present to a hospital emergency department in Queensland for the treatment of scolds, mainly cause by hot tap water.

Scolds are one of the most serious, painful and long-term injuries for young children and can happen very quickly depending on the temperature of the water.

The risk of children and their families suffering traumatic scalds in the home can be reduced by installing hot water tempering devices.

  • At 60°C a serious burn can happen in 1 second
  • At 55°C a serious burn would happen in 10 seconds
  • At 50°C a serious burn would happen after 5 minutes

What are your options?

Tempering valve these devices are installed by plumbers and blend hot and cold water to reduce the hot water temperature to 50° throughout the whole house or alternatively only in bathrooms. Tempering Val’s need to be replaced every five years.

Thermostatic mixing valve these devices cost more than a tempering valve but can be set to deliver hot water at 50° or below throughout the home, childcare centre, hospital or age care facility. Although thermostatic mixing valve and do not have a limited lifespan they do require servicing, testing and certification every 12 months.



When replacing your existing hot water unit, it is mandatory that a temperature control device is installed. If you are found to have a non-compliant hot water installation – both you and the installing plumber can be fined by local councils.

Call Charlie the Plumber on the Gold Coast or in Logan to schedule a highly trained and fully licenced plumber for installation, servicing or replacement of tempering valve or thermostatic mixing valves at your home or place of work. This will ensure that your hot water system is safe. With small children especially, tempering valves and thermostatic mixing valves provide a safety net and peace of mind that your children won’t suffer horrific burn injuries from your home hot water service.

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