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Pipe Relining Gold Coast and Logan

Advancements in pipe line repair and replacement technology has led to the development of ‘Pipe Relining’. The process has been is use now for over 25 years.

Charlie the Plumber are your Gold Coast and Logan pipe relining plumbers. Broken, cracked or disjointed pipes, tree root infested drains, or stormwater and sewer drains that continually block can all be relined without the need for destructive excavation.

Pipe Relining is the process of installing a one piece liner within the existing pipe.

This liner is made up of a one piece woven sock impregnated with a 2 part resin. This is then cured inside the old pipe forming a new pipe within the old.

This new pipe alone is structurally stronger than PVC pipe and bonds to the original pipe work by extruding resin into all the pipe joints, cracks or breaks.


Pipe Relining Process

Pipe relining bonuses include:

  • Most repairs can be carried out with little to no mess
  • No need to remove trees
  • No need to dig up driveways or paths
  • Guaranteed never to have tree root issues again within the relined sections of pipe
  • Able to repair small sections of pipe work or complete lines
  • Traditional repairs to damaged drainage include excavations and possible cutting of concrete, removal of trees and other invasive works that can add up to costly repairs that will take days and make a mess of your landscaping or yard. Not with pipe relining. Unlike traditional repairs where just a section of a pipe is repaired, this method generally requires access into your drainage and won’t harm your building, home, landscaping or garden.
Pipe Relining

We provide pipe relining for residential, commercial and industrial clients

Pipe relining can be an ideal solution that saves time and money and doesn’t require a plumber to dig up and make a mess of your garden. We also offer a 25 year warranty with this product.

For all your pipe lining needs, you only have to remember one name – Charlie The Plumber!

Our regular hours of business are 7:30 to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. We cater for afterhours work where necessary and we work with homeowners, commercial clients and industrial clients on the Gold Coast and in Logan.

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